First, as the seller's market changes into a buyer's market, the concept of consumption changes.

Consumers are more willing to accept higher-quality goods (or services). Quality refers to intrinsic quality, packaging quality and service quality. Consumer needs need to be met to the greatest extent possible. We should research, design and improve services from the customer's (or consumer's) point of view, not from the company's point of view. 

Second, the customer is always right

1. The customer is the buyer and not the troublemaker;
2. Customers understand their own needs and interests, which is the information that enterprises need; 
3. Due to the "natural consistency" of customers, quarreling with one customer is quarreling with all customers. 

Third, the three elements of customer satisfaction

1. Commodity satisfaction: customers are satisfied with the quality of goods; 
2. Service satisfaction: pre-sale, sale and after-sales service win customer recognition. Whether it is the perfect commodity and the reasonable price, the commodity depends on the service. "After-sales service achieves eternal customers". 
3. Corporate image satisfaction: comprehensive strength and overall image have been recognized by society.