Accompanying children with building blocks to exercise their mental thinking

Building blocks are now an essential toy for children, and children who frequently play with them have a good effect on brain development. A child who did not have the experience of playing with building blocks during childhood is really a bit regretful, because there is so much fun gained through building blocks, isn't it a pity to miss out?
Regularly playing building block games with children not only exercises brain development, but also their eye coordination ability, and the balance of physical coordination ability is beneficial. Not only can it allow him to fully unleash his imagination, use his brain thinking for spatial management, and arrange objects. The manufacturing and architecture of space, continuous innovative thinking, each time with new discoveries and constructions. Fully unleash imagination and creativity, exercise thinking ability, improve visual and tactile abilities.
It can also compare shapes and identify different shapes and structures. What kind of whole can they construct to give him new insights into shape research every time. The color of the building blocks will also give him a visual impact, stimulating his ability to distinguish colors.
Building blocks are a toy that can exercise children's intelligence in multiple ways and can easily be liked by children. Nowadays, almost every child has this type of toy, but many parents don't have time to play with their children, leaving it always forgotten in the corner, or simply letting the child play on their own, and some even put it away! We shouldn't let such an interesting toy become a decoration, let's make full use of it!