What are the issues to pay attention to when choosing toys for children?

Toys don't need too much
Toys are very important for children, as they can help them understand the world. The best toys for children are those that are suitable for them; Too many toys are not good, and too few toys are not good. So how many toys are suitable? Psychologists say that having 5 toys is just right, and children have a range of choices without getting stuck in selection difficulties or being distracted.
Safety is important
The safety issue for children is the top priority. Nowadays, there are also many types of toys, and children often hold them in their hands, and sometimes even have to sleep with them. Therefore, the materials and workmanship of toys need to be carefully selected. Parents should pay attention to whether this product is qualified, whether there are any odors or unsafe ingredients added, and must consider the safety of their children.
Give children the right to choose
It's not just us adults who have our own ideas, and children are the same. When faced with a variety of toys, children can choose what they like, rather than buying what parents think is good for them; Giving children the right to make independent choices can exercise their ability to think independently and also help them find a sense of existence and value.
In general, choosing toys for children is not always better, just right is the right choice; Faced with a variety of toys on the market, parents should also carefully choose for their children, and keep unqualified and dangerous toys away from them.