What are children's educational toys available

1. Jigsaw toys: Jigsaw toys are similar to puzzle games, mainly composed of jigsaw puzzles, characterized by different shapes and diverse content. To cultivate children's ability to think independently and persevere.
2. Traffic toys: Traffic toys mainly consist of train and car models. This type of toy not only allows children to have a deeper understanding of transportation, but also cultivates their hands-on abilities.
3. Tools: By exposing children to different tools and toys, they can gain a deeper understanding of the structure, shape, performance, and other aspects of the tools. The key is that such toys have a very positive impact on children's hands-on and coordination abilities.
4. Cartoon dolls: Cartoon dolls are a type of educational toy that is highly favored by children and can bring them a lot of joy. If parents are not around, cartoon dolls can replace some of their functions and achieve the goal of comforting their children.
5. Educational combination toys: By exposing children to different educational combination toys, they can develop a deeper understanding of things. Such as time, animals, etc. There are also many benefits of such toys, such as cultivating children's spatial imagination and hands-on abilities.
6. Toy games: These types of games mainly allow children to improve their cognitive abilities through playing games. Not only that, but they can also make children smarter and coordinate their hands and eyes.
7. Dragging: This type of toy mainly allows children to improve their standing and walking abilities through dragging movements. In addition, it can also cultivate children's cognitive abilities.
8. Numeric abacus text: By exposing children to different numbers and text, they can effectively solve numbers, quantities, and shapes, while also making their muscles more flexible.
9. Building blocks: These types of toys are highly favored by children and parents. Like other puzzle toys, building block toys also have many advantages. For example, cultivating children's imagination and improving their coordination.
10. Puzzle toys: These types of games mainly allow children to improve their imagination and cognitive abilities by doing puzzle games; In addition, it can also improve its ability to analyze problems.