Recommend the following types of educational toys

Cyclic class
The most famous one is the Nine Links, which originated in the Song Dynasty. It contains extremely profound principles of sequence, and it is difficult to unravel if one cannot find the laws within them. If you are facing a "nineteen chain", solving one step per second will take you more than four days, but if it is a "forty-nine chain", it will take more than ten million years! Other skill games, such as Wanshouhuan, Hualanhuan, Maze, Plum Blossom Sannong, Silver Snake Dance, Silver Snake Swinging its Tail and so on, all contain profound mathematical principles, which help to cultivate and improve people's ability of spatial imagination, logical thinking and Mathematical analysis.
Buckle type
Including Mandarin Duck Buckle, Auspicious Buckle, Concentric Knot, Thousand Knot, and M Buckle, most of these games utilize the flexibility of the rope. The M buckle is the most representative, and you may accidentally separate it, but after installing it, you are at a loss, making it quite difficult to grasp its regularity.
Rope class
It usually involves removing the rope from a set frame, such as a maze icon or a treble note. This type of game is quite challenging, just like every sailor must master dozens of knots, which are the most flexible and have many changes.
Splicing class
These types of games are generally of high difficulty, such as "T-puzzle", "Huataro", "Qiqianbu", and "Liuqianbu". These games require you to completely break away from the trap of conventional thinking, and must not be limited to the shape of a few puzzle pieces. If you spend more time, it can tell you a new way of thinking.
Building blocks
Building block toys, of course, are toys made from wood and divided into different colors and shapes based on a certain theme. The advantage is that due to the raw material being wood, it is relatively safer compared to other chemical materials (such as plastic), and can be said to be non-toxic and odorless. This is also why many parents choose building block toys for their babies.
A good building block toy should be reflected in several aspects: good raw materials; The theme expressed should be meaningful; The color and shape of individual blocks should be distinctive and have a specific image similar to common objects in daily life. This way, babies can build similar scenes based on their own images during play, and build different scenes according to different block colors and shapes; The number of individual building blocks, only with a large number and different shapes of building block toys, can babies have more space to play.
Comprehensive category
This type of game has a wide variety, with representative ones such as "Single Noble", "Hanoi Tower", "Magic Box", "Mystery of the Ancient Deer", and "Surviving in a desperate situation". Single nobility "originated from the 18th century French court nobility and is a self challenging game that trains the ability to use a few images for logical reasoning. The "Mystery of the Ancient Deer" originated in ancient Europe and has been popular for over 300 years, making it definitely worth a try.